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The Primo Line mattresses and pillows were developed according to DUNLOP technology for latex foaming. The technology was developed at the end of the last century and continues to be developed and refined to this day. The use of foam latex in mattresses and pillows made using DUNLOP technology is a guarantee of high quality.

The latex (rubber milk) is obtained from the tree Hevea Braseliensis.

The foam latex is a material whose widespread use was discovered in the mid-20th century. Thanks to its elasticity and absolute harmlessness, it is used in the production of pacifiers, condoms, surgical gloves and the like. a. indispensable.

Due to its ability to repel all mite species / causers of allergies, its original application in the US and Western Europe was mainly for mattresses and pillows in hospitals. Later, after long laboratory tests, it has been proven that the use of foam latex mattresses with various orthopedic zones relieves many diseases such as spinal column and cervical spine injuries, sleep disorders, degenerative diseases, etc. Having seen its innumerable superiority over other mattress materials, more and more consumers began to favor them and put their trust in the foam latex mattresses.

Why are Primo Line mattresses and pillows preferred?


Latex is the most flexible material in nature - it restores its original shape after repeated and prolonged use, ensuring its long life.

100 % Latex

The LATEX mattresses are made from whole latex cores.

Healthy environment

The natural basic properties of latex prevent the development of bacteria and mites.


The Primo Line latex mattresses have a sophisticated network of vertical and horizontal air ducts, which ensures exceptional ventilation of the mattress.


The foam latex adapts optimally to the body shapes and ensures a uniform support at every point of contact. This allows free blood circulation and proper circulation of all body parts.

Independent support of two sleeping persons

Ideal for two sleeping persons. The movements of the partner do not wake up the other.

Easy care

Primo Line LATEX mattresses come with removable covers that can be easily cleaned and washed.


The exceptionally insulating properties of latex ensure coolness in summer and warmth in winter.

Mattresses with different hardness

Only the processing technology of the latex allows the production of mattresses with different total hardness. The Primo LATEX mattresses are offered in different types of hardness depending on the needs of people of different weights: M - medium strength, F - solid and super F - very firm.


The Primo Line latex mattresses are made from environmentally friendly products and meet all the modern requirements for a healthy lifestyle. They contain no harmful chemicals and ingredients and are certified harmless by leading European laboratories.

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