What is latex?

Latex is one of the most flexible materials in nature. It restores its original shape after repeated and prolonged use, ensuring a long life.

The natural properties of the latex prevent the development of bacteria and mites. In addition, latex has insulating properties that ensure coolness in summer and warmth in winter.


Memorylatex® is latex foam made of microscopic cells, which "remember" their shape and thus recover again and again.

Under the influence of human body heat and weight, cells change their shape and adapt to the contours of their body.

The memory effect distributes the pressure on the mattress so that every inch of the body is perfectly supported. This reduces the tension in the spine and in the joints, relaxes the muscles fully, improves blood circulation and ensures a healthy sleep.

What are the percentages of natural and synthetic latex in Primo Line products?

Primo Line mattresses and mattress toppers are made from 20% natural and 80% synthetic latex. The Primo Line products can also be produced according to customer requirements with different percentages.

What does the hardness of mattresses mean?

The degree of hardness indicates the strength of the mattress.

What does the weight of a mattress mean?

The volume weight describes how many kilograms of foam per cubic meter (m³) is used in the production of the mattress. The higher the density, the stronger and more durable the mattress.

At how much do you wash the outer covers?

It is recommended to wash the cover at 40 degrees.

Are the Primo Line products certified?

The LATEX mattresses are made of environmentally friendly products and meet all current requirements for a healthy lifestyle. They contain no harmful chemicals and ingredients. The latex cores and the covers of the Primo Line products are tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and are certified with the certificate for textile trust.



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