Latex Baby Mattress Lux

Latex Baby Mattress Lux

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Latex Baby Mattress Lux

Thanks to its natural antibacterial protection and protection against dust mites, the foam latex mattress provides your child with the perfect healthy sleep environment. In fragile childhood, as the skeleton grows and forms, the correct position of the spine is particularly important. By choosing the foam latex mattress "Primo line Latex Baby Mattress Lux" you protect your child against possible spinal distortions. The "Primo line Latex Baby Mattress Lux" latex mattress is the best solution for the comfortable and healthy sleep of your child.

Antibacterial and antiallergic

The natural latex is anti-static, antibacterial and creates a hostile environment for the spread of dust mites, ensuring the best protection during your recovery.

Easy care

The Primo Line mattresses "LATEX - Baby" are with removable covers that can be easily cleaned and washed.


It follows the body contours of your baby.

The Primo Line LATEX mattresses provide consistent orthopedic support to your child's spine along its entire length.


The Primo Line latex mattress "Baby-Lux" has an open cell structure and ventilation channels. Thus, the mattress provides for cool and healthy sleep environment.

Textile trust for the latex cores and covers: tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, product class I for babies

100% latex - 20% natural latex and 80% SBR latex
Polyester outer cover with zipper
Total height - 12 cm: 10 cm mattress core + 2 cm outer cover
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Made in EU
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