Latex Pillow Baby

Latex Pillow Baby

breathable baby head pillow

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Primo Line Latex Pillow Baby

The pillow Primo Line Baby is made of 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials. The Primo Line "Latex Baby" pillows have a sophisticated network of vertical and horizontal air ducts that allow air circulation. This makes the pillow for the baby while sleeping on the stomach safely.

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  • Latex Baby Pillow - 100% Latex Pillow Core - Natural latex and SBR latex, height 6.5cm, Dunlop process, Made in EU
  • The 100% cotton cover - soft, cuddly, skin and allergy friendly. Extremely hygienic and easy to clean - the cover can be easily removed with the covered zipper and washed up to 40 ° C. The inner cover, which protects the core from dirt and bacteria, consists of 70% cotton and 30% polyester.
  • The high quality baby pillow is suitable for babies and toddlers, fits mostly baby cots, extra beds, bassinet, stroller.
  • Breathable - the air channels provide exceptional ventilation, prevent heavy sweating and promote a gentle, restful and healthy sleep.
  • The baby pillow is hypoallergenic (no down and feathers), mite-proof, ecological, pressure relieving and free of harmful substances.


Breathing and venting

Antibacterial and antiallergic. The alkaline environment formed by natural latex prevents the growth of microorganisms in the pillow.

Easy care

The Primo Line Pillows "Latex - Baby" are with removable covers that can be easily cleaned and washed.


It follows the contours of the head and neck of your baby.

100% latex core - 20% natural latex and 80% SBR
Cotton cover with zipper
Height 6.5cm
Producing region
Made in EU
Production method
Dunlop process

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